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Shared View

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Shared View 

April 15 - June 2, 2021

Artists: Sari Carel, Shanti Grumbine, Kate Harding, Gabrielle Mertz,  Alva Mooses, Lee Ann Norman, Sara Shaoul

Curators-at-large: Aimee Burg, Sarah Crown, Naomi Lev, Rebecca Pristoop

Shared View is the second in a series of cumulatively created, home-based exhibitions instigated by Collective_View. It presented artworks by members of the collective, in addition to select invited guests, and welcomed the public to view intimate experiences through social media. The exhibition was conceived in response to New York’s social distancing measures during lockdowns.

Shared View took place over seven weeks in the homes of its seven participating artists. The elements of surprise and chance played a central role in the exhibition as the artworks included were only unveiled week by week. Each week, the artwork of one featured artist was installed concurrently in all seven homes. The artworks were either multiples, a series, or a selection from the oeuvre of the artist. Within each home, participating artists took on the role of curator and installed their growing exhibitions. Each week as works were revealed, themes and conceptual connections unfolded. These revelations occurred not only in each individual home, but also between the seven homes as each artist shared her particular view on Instagram. Resonances and unanticipated relationships between the artworks in Shared View and those already in the participants' personal collections were also discovered. 

How many permutations, meanings, and contradictions were uncovered between the 49 works in Shared View? How did the works correspond? And how did the relationships between artists in the collective deepen through this experience?

The public was given access to the exhibition through the @_collectiveview_ Instagram as each week one artist was highlighted, and all artists shared their home installations. The artworks were also reposted and shared among the Instagram accounts of its participating artists, curators-at-large, and other members of Collective_View. Consequently, these shared views reached into the public sphere implementing a connection that is distant yet very intimate.

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