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Shared View

Kate Harding


Hi, and welcome to my little thru-way which will be the exhibition space in my home for “Shared View” for the next 7 weeks. I’m @thekateharding and my works start off this cumulative show shared amongst 7 participants. So today I put up my piece “Untitled (Fortification 4/10/2021 #1)” and having given each other artist one as well (these are parts of my “fortification” works) they will each put one up in their chosen spot at their home.


These particular works of my fortification series are the smallest I’ve made, and I did that because I had been making very small works already that were about the size of baseball cards and I liked how they felt in my hand. I wanted to make even more accessibly sized drawings and present them in this way that is even more intimate... and could even be worn (but with care because the framing is not welded shut and they seem to enjoy flinging themselves out if you’re not careful (so if wearing, only suitable for in the home in low movement scenarios) These, at least for during this show, are domestic space works.


What follows are some ways you can hang them with their chain.


To my fellow Shared View Artists:

I am very curious to see who got which one. And, if you choose to unlatch the chain from one side to hang it differently, be sure you unlatch the circular clasp shown in the last image... it’s way easier.


Artwork details:

Kate Harding, “Untitled (Fortification 4/10/2021 #1), 2021, Ink and glitter and metallic gel pen on paper, glass, brass and silver, 1 3/4 x 2 inches

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 2.16.21 AM 2.png

Hello! @shaoulstudio here, posting the first work in the Shared View exhibition taking place in my home in Greenpoint. This delicate work by @thekateharding feels like a kind of abstracted Persian miniature with magical properties. I placed it next to my favorite books, as a talisman of sorts, on a high shelf where inquisitive little hands and paws can’t reach.


Kate Harding, “Untitled”

(Fortification 4/10/2021 #2), ink, glitter and metallic gel pen on paper, glass, brass and silver, 1 3/4 x 2 inches, 2021

Week3Day1_left to right_Shanti Grumbine_Kate Harding_Sara Shaoul_photo by Kate Harding (1)

@thekateharding here again to share Week 3, Day 1 of “Shared View” in my thru-way.... with a new piece by @shaoulstudio (Sara Shaoul). Sara had mentioned she was working on some collage works but one of the things I am responding to in particular in this piece is how it physically comes off the page into space. I’m enjoying how these three works are sitting together and how this little thru-way gallery is growing!


Work from left to right is by Shanti Grumbine @shantigrumbine , Kate Harding (me), and Sara Shaoul @shaoulstudio .


Sara’s work info:

“Bikini on the Rocks,” 2021

Collage on paper

11 x 14 inches

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