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MATERIAL: video, 2 channels, 9:40 min

SIZE: varying

«For everything that is shown something is hidden.» - James Bridle


The principle of complementarity comes from quantum mechanics and describes the inability of certain pairs of objects’ properties to be seen simultaneously. This idea shows how physical reality is built of partly unpredictable elements, which cannot be known in their entirety. Complementarity embraces this uncertainty and celebrates the intrinsic duality of the world. In this abstract visualisation the sky could be the ground and air is perhaps water.


Leda Vaneva (b. Sofia, Bulgaria) explores the processes of construction in the observable world, human perceptions and their limitations. Her pieces revolve around themes like materiality, agency/control, the connection of the digital and physical realm, hybridity.

She holds MA degrees in New Media (Aalto University, Helsinki) and Photography (National Academy of Art, Sofia).


Her work has been exhibited at a number of venues, such as the Bulgaria’s National gallery, the National Palace of Culture, the City gallery in Sofia, Contemporary Space in Varna, Lapinlahti Gallery and Kaapelitehdas in Helsinki, Essl Museum in Klosterneuburg/Vienna, Projektraum Galerie M/Neue Kunst Initiative in Berlin, as well as exhibition spaces in Barcelona, Eindhoven, Seoul.

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