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Lee Ann Norman

@shantigrumbine here posting an audio piece by @lee_ann3 focusing on a collage by @shaoulstudio Audio: Untitled (A-List) as part of “Shared View” Was interesting to hear the words shift because of the image. I’ve always been fascinated by peripheral narratives and how they affect how we see, what we think etc.

Hello! @shaoulstudio presenting a portion of an audio work by @lee_ann3 with a visual by @shantigrumbine. In an unexpected gesture of symmetry, both Shanti and I presented our audio segments with each other’s visual works. I love the way @lee_ann3’s non-linear narrative unfolds, truer than any limited storytelling convention of cause and effect or beginning, middle and end. Like this piece, lived experience is a mishmash of unreliable narration, where past present and future collide. Audio: Lee Ann Norman, Untitled (A-List) 2021, recorded text, 3' 01”.

@maalva_studio here, I’m posting an audio piece excerpt 🎙💥 by @lee_ann3 with a video: tracing of a fence ledge that surrounds the neighborhood playground. Playgrounds are communal spaces with small gates and partitions that designate a space for play, wonder and growth.


Audio: Untitled (A-List) as part of “Shared View”

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