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Be a teacher,
be a öğrenci,
be a Worterfinder,
and a receiver!




Oda Projesi (Özge Açıkkol, Güneş Savaş, Seçil Yersel) + Nadin Reschke


TONGUE is a project about language. It started 2009 in Berlin as a language course in search for new and existing tongue spaces, inviting Kreuzberg neighbors and residents to learn and teach languages from and with each other. Together they asked: What happens if the ordinary form of a language course is borrowed to look at the way language is being used in daily life? How can one try to create a new language by taking the daily language of individuals, rather than the language of groups, as a starting point? Since then the project material developed into a book, a pocket size language learning tool with materials and contributions from more than 50 TONGUE partners. The project aims furthermore by reaching different language communities abroad creating a word archive.

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