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Shared View

Shanti Grumbine


Glad to share week 2 of the Collective View exhibition “Shared View” with Shanti Grumbine’s “Window Study #1”. This detailed work on paper with etching-like layering of the outside of a brick building wall and grated windows is on an indoor wall here with “Plan of The House”, a work that also focuses on architectural structures.


Shanti is guest posting on Collective View’s Instagram this week, so be sure to check it out for more on her practice!


Shanti Grumbine

Window Study #1


5.25 x 7.25 inches

Gel pen on black paper


Hello! @shantigrumbine here, sharing the second drawing of the week. I paired my window study with a vase by @alison__owen and two mugs by @asartoriusceramics I’ll be taking over the feed this week, since my drawings are the next to be revealed in the group show “Shared View” taking placing simultaneously in 7 homes over 7 weeks. Can’t wait to see who has what and where they will be situated. “Window Study, No. 7”, gel pen on black paper, 2021, 11x8 inches.


Hello! @shaoulstudio here, sharing
’s piece in #sharedview. This portal to another place felt right across from my own window. I’m in a new home, so my view is still new and mysterious to me, as is Shanti’s work. If I was writing this movie, some magical process would take place and the two views would be metaphysically connected.


Shanti Grumbine “Window Study” #2, 2020, ink wash and gel@pen on watercolor paper. 9 x 5 inches.

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