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In 2006 the Bulgrian-based collective, The 8th of March Group, put together a show titled "Reflections Multiplied," curated by Maria Vassileva. The exhibition focused on two generations of women artists, and looked at how they considered art as a political and public tool for expression and social change. Here, in this new online presentation, four Bulgarian artists from different generations share works that reflect on how womanhood and femininity are perceived today.


In response to the original exhibition theme, the works in this show investigate womanhood through a mirror approach -- a cultural look at how we see and respond to women. The online show emerges from the shifts and changes that occurred in the past fifteen years, since the inception of the 2006 exhibition, and investigates what has transformed in our understanding, our terminology, and our acceptance of femininity. It shares an inner and very personal discourse as well as a continuous dialogue with society’s ambivalent approach towards women.


Two artists from the original show, Adelina Popnedeleva and Alla Georgieva, participate here with a new, solid viewpoint of their existence and work. Joining them are Daniela Kostova and Boryana Rossa, who represent a younger generation of women artists in Bulgaria, and reflect on their own complex role in the art world and in the world at-large.


An exclusive interview/conversation with the artists and Maria Vassileva is available here.


Alla Georgieva, Mom's Dresses / Alla Vitta vs. Jan van Eyck, Oil on canvas, 100 x 155 cm, 2013 (from "Life is a Symphony" 2018)

Alla Georgieva started working on her project, "Life Is a Symphony" in 2012. The path to its completion and the decision to share it was a long one, meandering through a crescendo of emotions, of the most profound and personal kind. Read More...


Adelina Popnedeleva, Alchemy, Live performance documentation at festival “Le arti del gesto”, Lamezia, Italy, 2010

One of Popnedelva’s earliest performances, Nirvana (1999), has been performed several times in different locations. The artist, dressed in a white gown, with her long hair flowing, proceeds to wash several white men’s shirts, one at a time. Read More...


Boryana Rossa, Golden Carelessness, Live performance documentation at FACES: gender, technology, art, Shaumbad, Graz, Austria, 2017

This performance is inspired by the images of Melania Trump produced after the Puerto Rico hurricane. Her model-like detachment from the reality of the currently happening disaster created the feeling that her photos from Puerto Rico are actually a fashion shoot, where a luxuriously dressed model is put in contrast with “the ordinary people.” Read More...


Daniela Kostova, Lexicon, Still from HD Video, 6.12 min. metal puzzle box, 2012

Lexicon is a video of the artist and her child putting together a puzzle and thus deconstructing a particular time and place of importance. 

The puzzle depicts the artist with a friend in front of a building – Haus Wittgenstein. Read More...

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